Monday, October 18, 2010

I am back

It's been a long time since I posted here as was too busy with work and after that one of the deadliest flood hit our area and had to go back to village, so that could help my family to save our homes and the property. Luckily, our village survived but all of our farms were destroyed (cotton & sugar fields), but we are thankful to Almighty that our lives and homes were saved. I remember my father's face when he heard about the farms because a farmer looks after his farms & lands as much as he does for his children.

But others were affected more than us because farms were their only source of income because two of our family members (me & my brother) have their job as an alternate source of income. We were already supporting our family but now is the time to support them as much as we can. And also, support others who suffered a lot from the flood. Now all of that is over but still we can't cultivate our lands as the river has made his way between our village and our lands. And, this would be soon over too and we would be able to cultivate our lands.

That being said, we await for the time when we would start cultivation our lands again. Meanwhile, I've come back due to my job responsibilities but the project is over and I got time to start prepping for GMAT. So, I am back now and all set to embark on my journey to "Ace the GMAT" :). In next post I'll start sharing my journey :).

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