Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Challenges

 It has been a while since I blogged. There has been a lot going on work as there have been new challenges and new assignments to be accomplished at the moment. Also, the employer Motorola being separated as Motorola Solutions and then being acquired by NSN (Nokia Siemens Network) was creating many doubts regarding the job status and/or security.

Despite all of this, I had been assigned to an important and a learning assignment, that has given me new directions as far as my career is concerned and it makes me believe that I know too little and there is still too much to learn. It was a difficult and a challenging assignment but at the same time really a beneficial one.

 Because of this new assignment and job insecurity, I have new challenges to face right now and to accomplish them I have to go for Cisco and/or Juniper certifications (high tech) and also to learn more about Unix/Linux and Solaris based systems or maybe doing some related certification would be much more productive. Also, brush up on some software programming & development skills as well (or enough knowledge of them to become a useful resource and expand my professional skills).

That's why, after thinking a lot, I have decided to delay my MBA for the time being. In the meantime, I hope I'll be on some leadership role to go for MBA. Maybe, after I have more years of experience. So, right now it is time to face the new challenges and accomplish them :).

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yayyy!!! It's Sunday :)

Today's plan is to finish the advanced part of MGMAT FDP and attempt FDP questions from OG-10 (as much as possible) in blocks/bunches. And then, planning to start MGMAT GEO and try to finish Chapters 1 & 2 as soon as possible but with understanding the concepts thoroughly. Apart from studying, I'll be trolling around web & forums and watch some good movie :).

Listening to songs has become kind of daily routine. I don't know why but I listen to Old Indian & Pakistani (Lata, Rafi, Masood Rana, Mahindera Kapoor, Mukesh, Kishore, Mehdi Hassan, Ustaad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan and list goes on) songs as well as Ghazals.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Percents Done :) (Applied Percents will be done when doing Word Translations)

Percents done :) and now I am going to make this weakness as a strength of mine. But, still need to do a lot of practice and also have to go through Applied Percents (will be covered in Word Translations). MGMAT has done a great job to explain difficult & twisted concepts in an easy way. I think i am not doing practice that much but I have some job responsibilities to take care of and then will be doing practice, practice, and practice :). For now got to practice questions related to the Number Properties and FDP. After having a firm grasp on them, will move forward to the next topics. Also, have to look at RC topic too meanwhile (CR Notes by whiplash21, a gmatclub member). I wish there were sub-categories in BTG Practice Questions (there are categories) to practice Percents, but I'll attempt them after going through all the topics.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today Plan

Today's plan is to study MGMAT FDP, especially Percents as this one gives me hard time when it comes to complex percents questions.After, doing FDP will head to OG's for some practice on these topics. Going to use error log to record my progress and then evaluate that where do I stand. And then practice the questions from BTG & GMATClub by using tag searching and doing BTG Practice Questions as well :).

I need motivation to keep doing whatever I plan to do. Today is sunday and will be going out with friends but before that gotta do all of the above and more if possible. Also, will review these topics from GMATClub's Math Book as well.