Thursday, October 21, 2010

GMAT -Quant: Number Properties study progress

I've started studying NUMBER PROPERTIES section from GMAT Club's Math Book (almost every concept is there and compiled it in a .pdf file :) ). I have gone through following topics;
Evens & Odds, Irrational Numbers, Positives & Negatives, Prime Numbers, Factors--> Finding The Number of Factors of an Integer, Finding the Sum of the Factors of an Integer, GCD/GCF (Greatest Common Divisor/Factor), LCM (Least/Smallest Common Multiple).
Perfect Square, Divisibility Rules, Factorials (Trailing Zeros, Finding the Number of of Powers of a Prime Number p in n!, Finding the Power of Non-prime in n!), Consecutive Integers, Evenly Spaced Sets.

Fractional Representation, Converting Improper Functions, Reciprocal, Operation on Fractions, Decimal Representation, Converting Decimals to Fractions (recurring decimal, mixed-recurring decimal' conversions), Rounding, Ratios & Proportions (Invertendo, Alternendo, Componendo, Dividendo, Compo & Divi), Exponents (Operations with Expos, Fractions as Expos, Expos Equations, Expos & Divisibility), Last Digit of a Product, Last Digit of a Power (How to determine them is important), Roots (Rules and remember the values of the roots of first 10 digits), PEMDAS (Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication/Division, Addition/Subtraction).

I'll try to attempt questions on the forums ( & by searching the questions related to the above topics by using tags (tag searching is amazing). Thinking of attempting questions related to these topics from OG12 (A bit skeptical and would need suggestions here :)).

The next topic would be Percents (important topic), will try to cover it asap and solve the questions related to this topic :). Or maybe, after going through Percents, I'll attempt questions.

Also, went through first 4 chapters of MGMAT Number Properties (got MGMAT books from a friend and don't have CATs yet) in parallel.
Chapter1: Divisibility & Primes
Chapter2: Odds & Evens
Chapter3: Positives & Negatives
Chapter4: Consecutive Integers
I have done these topics from GMAT Club Math Book already but do have an overview on these topics from MGMAT Book and then solve their In Action Problems at the end of these chapters.
Also, will try to go through some CR section of Verbal. Trying to mix up the preparation and do Quant + Verbal each week but more focus on Quant yet (just a go through Verbal for the time being).
Well, that's all for today.

Any thoughts or suggestions???
Happy prepping :)

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