Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Quotes

My Quotes
These are kind of quotes, which come to my mind with the passage of time. These are originally by me (of course the idea can be same as described by many).

“Always be natural as you are a part of Nature; that’s why more you deviate from nature more you create problems and complexities for yourself and ultimately get hurt”.

“Don’t stray from Nature or you will be lost in the deep ocean of darkness”.

“Be yourself; don’t pretend to be someone else, because if you pretend so you’ll never be satisfied”.

“I am Me, I am unique; I am the one who can’t be someone else and I am the one someone else can’t be”.

“Act on what you know and know what you don’t know”.

Still more to come with the passage of time. I do love poetry but I know more of it in Urdu rather than English. Maybe I have to read English poems (I did read in school but don't remember it anymore).

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