Saturday, April 10, 2010

Atif's Brainstorming

Yesterday, I was trying to brainstorm and see how Brainstorming helps us to come up with ideas and plan ahead. And, that's what Brainstorming yielded into:
  • A little Thought comes to mind and then leads a human to a process.
  • A Process starts and spans in human mind in a cyclic manner.
  • Imagination and Intuition starts Brainstorming (Thinking Process starts).
  • Questions come to mind (What, Why, Where, When, and How?).
  • Questions lead to Curiosity.
  • Curiosity leads to Search.
  • Search for Answers, which lead to knowledge.
  • First get little knowledge but prominent and authentic.
  • Then, act on what I know and know what I don’t know.
  • Knowledge leads to Wisdom.
  • Wisdom makes us human and makes us stand out from other creatures (also from other human).
  • Search leads to clear answers, with the help of knowledge and wisdom.
  • Clear Answers lead to productive Intentions and clear Plans.
  • Curiosity, Knowledge, Wisdom with good Intentions and clear set of Plans show you a Right Path.
  • Right Path leads to a Destination.
  • But what is a Destination?
  • There are many destinations when you embark on a journey; these are little destinations which lie on the way.
  • These little destinations lead to an Ultimate Supreme Destination.
  • But what is an “Ultimate Supreme Destination”?
 Wow! that's amazing to see what Brainstorming lead to. I could never come up with all of the above points if I had not done Brainstorming. And, now I know how much does it help and I am going to brainstorm from now on no matter what task I have to do. Brainstorming does help us to come up with innovative and amazing ideas and help us to plan ahead.

I am still in process of Brainstorming and I yet have to come up with the answer to the last Bullet Point. I'll post whenever I'll have time and also I have to write about what happens when you reach you Ultimate Destination and how does it affect a person.
Cheers and happy Brainstorming!

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