Saturday, April 3, 2010

Answer to "Is it ok to do OG questions at the end of each Manhattan GMAT SC guide's chapter"

Following is the reply by gparmar16--> to my question "Is it ok to do OG questions at the end of each Manhattan GMAT SC guide's chapter".
It can't be stressed enough how effective the MGMAT SC book and its strategies are for tackling the sentence correction portion of the GMAT. I highly recommend continuing what you are doing. Performing MGMAT questions at the end of every chapter along with the assigned problems they give. 
It is true that many of the questions the MGMAT assign have multiple concepts that are tested. Unfortunately any higher level SC question you will get on the GMAT test will have multiple errors. It is frustrating tackling concepts you haven't covered yet, but note the ones you continue to get wrong (before you hit that chapter in the book of course). When you do hit that chapter you can just focus a bit more, knowing you have trouble with those concepts. You may even be able to clear up all the trouble spots on your first run through the book.

Also great idea on getting a list of OG10th questions from the 2nd edition. This is what I did so I didn't exhaust the questions from the OG12th edition. Besides OG10th has twice as many questions. I also recommend answering every OG questions the way MGMAT lays out at the end of their chapters. Identifying the errors in each of the wrong answer choices, highlighting subject-verbs, pronouns and their respective antecedents, etc.

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