Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today Plan

Today's plan is to study MGMAT FDP, especially Percents as this one gives me hard time when it comes to complex percents questions.After, doing FDP will head to OG's for some practice on these topics. Going to use error log to record my progress and then evaluate that where do I stand. And then practice the questions from BTG & GMATClub by using tag searching and doing BTG Practice Questions as well :).

I need motivation to keep doing whatever I plan to do. Today is sunday and will be going out with friends but before that gotta do all of the above and more if possible. Also, will review these topics from GMATClub's Math Book as well.


  1. Atif, could you share the pdf of the Math Book. I saw your post on gmatclub, but couldn't find the link. thanks!

  2. Here is the link, you can download the attachment there (need to login as user)