Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Percents Done :) (Applied Percents will be done when doing Word Translations)

Percents done :) and now I am going to make this weakness as a strength of mine. But, still need to do a lot of practice and also have to go through Applied Percents (will be covered in Word Translations). MGMAT has done a great job to explain difficult & twisted concepts in an easy way. I think i am not doing practice that much but I have some job responsibilities to take care of and then will be doing practice, practice, and practice :). For now got to practice questions related to the Number Properties and FDP. After having a firm grasp on them, will move forward to the next topics. Also, have to look at RC topic too meanwhile (CR Notes by whiplash21, a gmatclub member). I wish there were sub-categories in BTG Practice Questions (there are categories) to practice Percents, but I'll attempt them after going through all the topics.


  1. I noticed that you have been studying for the GMAT for a while now. When are you taking the exam? I am originally from Pakistan and am now doing my MBA in the US. I think the best way to gauge your potential score is to take the test available for download on the GMAC site.

    I hope you get into Harvard. I had a 750 on the GMAT but even then I didn't get in. But there are other great places besides HBS.

  2. Thank you Rez for the suggestion & wishes. You are right the best way to gauge the potential is by taking GMATPrep by GMAC. I think I fear to see my low Quants scores as I am from engineering major but I have to get passed over my fear. Next week I'll be going back home for Eid-ul-Azha and planning to take test on the weekend after Eid holidays.

    Yea, there are other great places besides HBS and getting into any of them will be invaluable.

    I guess I'll need your guidance in future and would like to keep in touch. Just out of curiosity, what program did you get into?