Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Question on GMATClub regarding my Manhattan GMAT SC guide study

Well, below is the question I posted on regarding my GMAT SC study plan/preparation. I'll post the useful replies or comments when posted by other members.
Actually, I have studied MGMAT SC 4th edition's 4 chapters, and now I am on 5th Chapter (Pronoun) and the previous ones were S-V Agreement and Parallelism. After studying Chapter 3 (S-V agreement), I solved problem sets at the end of the chapter and also attempted OG 12 S-V questions and got 9 out of 11 correct, which is equal to I think 82% (after putting results in Awesome Error Log). Average time spent on each questions was about 2.7 minutes. I didn't have problem with identifying and solving S-V issues in those questions, and could jot down to 2 choices within 15 seconds but after that all of the time was spent on choosing between 2 choices (Actually had problem with pronoun and parallelism or other topics instead of S-V). Maybe, the reason was that I haven't gone through other topics yet.
After S-V, studied the chapter 4 Parallelism and now thinking whether I should attempt OG questions (especially at this time) or not? Also, thinking of whether to do OG for next chapters or to do not.

Whether I should attempt OG questions at the end of each chapter or not? What do you guys suggest?

By the way, this time I plan on attempting OG 10 questions instead of OG 12 (reserve it for later use when done with MGMAT SC or when completed all OG 10 questions), only if you guys suggest to attempt OG at this time.

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