Sunday, March 7, 2010


Just started, MGMAT SC chapter 1, I gotta say this book is must have for SC ( Sentence Correction). Very well written & organized, it wasn't boring going through the chapter. I do have a Grammar book as a helping book for verbal but things like Brevity, Style and Redundancy are not discussed in grammar books. MGMAT does cover these things and it really makes a lot easier for us to identify clear concise and succinct answer choice. After looking at Kaplan Premier and visiting some forums like, and's forum It's clear that we must follow the patterns as follows when dealing with SC questions.
2. Clarity
If an answer choice has a technical grammatical error like Verb/Tense, Subject/Verb Agreement, Pronouns, Modifiers, Parallelism and Comparison related errors can not be accepted at all even if a sentence looks wordy or awkward. Clarity matters when we have to choose between two grammatical correct choices then should go for the clear, short and succinct one.
And yea Correctness can be subdivided into two categories,
1.Correctness related to Technical Grammar Rules ( mentioned in paragraph above )
2.Correctness of Idioms and voice ( Active voice is always preferred over passive voice) and also gotta take care of Mood ( Subjunctive & Indicative )
I think that's enough for today...enough gotta listen to some nice music yayyy

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